Road Trip – Boxing Day

It’s 0500, the birds are waking up, the rain is falling heavily in Wellington Point, and we’re about to leave on our trip to Melbourne, with an overnight stay in Dubbo, NSW, about 12 hours driving away.

One complication right now is that the remains of a tropical cyclone in the Kimberleys in dumping a lot of rain over parts of Queensland and NSW. There is a possibility that this could cause flash flooding that may disrupt our trip. The radar images indicate that it’s not too serious at present, so at this point we plan to follow our original route. Our track will take us west of Wellington Point, over Cunninghams Gap, and then to Warwick, where we will have some breakfast.

The bags are near packed, we’re doing last minute preparations, and we hope to leave within 30 mins.

Can’t wait! Here we go!

Chat later,


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