2020 – a few thoughts as we move into 2021

What a crazy year it has been – so much disruption. Fires, floods, then COVID isolation, working from home, reduced contact with others…

If anything, there have been important opportunities to consider our days and consider what really matters. Well, that’s how it has been for me.

In the course of it all, I’ve decided to blog more, and push into some deeper realities. Some of the posts I’m preparing relate to

  • Australia Day – how are we to celebrate Australia Day? What about the question of invasion or occupation? How do we address matters of injustice toward indigenous peoples? How do we move ahead as a nation? Can we even do that?
  • Biblical Justice – working for IJM has enabled me to see that while the bible contains a huge amount of Old and New Testament passages which address justice for the weak and the vulnerable, these passages remain in the blind spot of most western churches – well, certainly the reformed and evangelical sector to which I belong. I find this to be an inexplicable reality. So, my hope is that writing about it will bring some engagement from readers.

I’m sure as we go the discussion will develop. I’d love for this to be a forum of open questions, and I will try to engage with comments as best I can.

Through it all I trust that God will draw us closer to an understanding of who he has made us to be in Jesus, and a clearer understanding of all he calls us to do in his world.