See you Sunday…

Are you planning to go to your church this Sunday? Given that we are about glorifying God, I want to encourage you to place it on the top of your agenda.

The reason? Worship is about God. Who we are, or what we want, are not the most important questions when it comes to worship. The focus is that God is good. God is great. God is gracious. God loves our world. God gave us Jesus. Do we need any other reasons?

An old confession of the church says our chief purpose as men and women is to glorify God and enjoy him forever. Gathering on Sunday is one of the best ways to express this.

Sure, we are all busy. Every day is another juggle of work, family, and everything else.

God, however, is not one of many. He is the centre of our life. He is our all.

And He created you to worship Him.

So, right now, can I encourage you to get out your diary and write “Glorify” on Sunday. Attend the 9am or 5pm gathering. Renew your commitment to worship. Honour the God who has given you life, and come, with all his people, to celebrate his goodness.

See you Sunday!

One thought on “See you Sunday…

  1. A great reminder, Dave. Here’s a few thoughts that jump to mind when i read this:
    As a worship leader, I sometimes look at a congregation and see mixed messages in their faces. Do they want to be there? Is Glorifying God their number one priority? I don’t know their heart, but I can see their faces…
    There used to be a real legality to attending church – it was something you did every Sunday. Church culture today encourages people not to be “Sunday Christians” and I wonder if that has taken the emphasis off people attending Church as regularly.
    Last point (I promise!) I was talking to some Christian friends recently about the upcoming Good Friday Service. They looked confused. “Really, is there a service on Good Friday?” It hadn’t really crossed their mind that a) there would be one, and b) that they would attend. I was almost lost for words!
    God is so SO SO worthy of our Praise, our worship, our time, on Sunday’s (and every other day ending in “Y”!!!)

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