Strength for the Weary

Psalm 121

After everything that has happened these last months, I am so encouraged and humbled by the security afforded by the Living God. Help comes from him (Ps 121:2), his foot does not slip, so nor will mine. He watches over me (Ps 121:3), he keeps me safe, and he protects me:

“The Lord is your shade at your right hand” (v.5)

He knows my life’s path, he knows all the challenges I face, and he is with me as I go through all the trials that lie before me today. I feel safe, I feel blessed, I feel confident in his goodness and grace. What a privilege!

Q: What aspect of this Psalm has the most impact on you today?

…I thought it would be good to share a few devotional thoughts with you over these next weeks. My hope is that you find them helpful, and that God uses them to draw you to himself. DG

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