Power and Self

Read: Gal 5:13, John 13:3,4

When we think of power, and self, and what we might do if we had unlimited power and freedom, it is understandable that we start to think about ourselves. Take a different career track. Or retire and cruise the Whitsundays. Buy a new house. Deal with the challenging relational situation which has been keeping us down, and out.

God’s plan for restored humanity, and therefore for you and me, is different. His plan is for us not to use our freedom for ourselves, but instead to serve others humbly in love (Gal 5:13). Want to be like God? Then use your freedom to address the needs of others.

Same with power. God’s plan is not for us to use our power to bolster our own authority, to build our own kingdom, or to serve our own wants, but to serve others. Power, in God’s economy, is to help others thrive, and to lift up the helpless.

Power, in God’s economy, is to help others thrive

There is an astounding couplet on John 13, where we read that Jesus knew that the Father has put all things under his power – did he use this for himself? Or even to receive something he might rightfully have deserved? No. He directed this power towards others and to cause them to thrive in his grace and his mercy: He got up, took off his outer clothing, wrapped a towel around his waste, and washed his disciples’ feet.

It is any wonder that God reminds us that love is the mark of the Christian? The measure of those who are in relationship with him?

Can you imagine the power of good that would be poured into our world if every Christian and every church were to do this filly and freely?

This can only happen in us when God rules our hearts and values: when his Son and Spirit transforms us into his image and character.

Q: What would change in your church, community, or family if you were to embrace these values fully?

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