I’m back…

I know, it’s been a while…

My last regular blog post was July 1. Since that time we have said many a tear filled good bye to great friends in Brisbane, moved to the other side of the country, started ministry at Gateway Community Church in Cockburn Central (Perth). I have buried my mother, and buried our crazy dog, Benson. And moved away from two children (Melody and Erin), still on the East Coast, and moved closer to our daughter Catherine, who with husband Dan are serving at Willetton CRC, also in Perth.

They say that some of the biggest stressors in life are: changing jobs, losing a loved one, or buying a house. We seemed to get all three together. Add to that how the circumstances of us leaving Redlands were not ideal (which is another story, to be told one day, but not yet) and it has been quite a time of upheaval for us.

As we were coming to terms with all that, there was too much going on to be seriously reflective. All that trauma kind of clouds your mental processes, and while you are grieving through it all you switch to more of a survival mode.

So, things have settled. We are in a beautiful Christian family. The Gateway people have embraced us and loved us and ministered to us in this time of change. Leonie and I are both really happy in our workplaces, and while loved ones and family on the East Coast seem half a world away, we are starting to feel like this is our place.

So this Christmas week I start to write again. As always, I will be thinking through elements of living as a follower of Jesus, and what it means to serve his mission at such a time as this. From time to time there will be some more personal posts. That’s OK – you cannot divorce your personhood from your calling, your ministry, or your faith. It’s all organically drawn together by God as he does his work in us and through us.

So, I just wanted to say that I am back. And my prayer today is that your Christmas Week might be full of blessing, and less busy than it has been. May your New Year cerebrations be full of thanksgiving, deep gratitude, and keen expectation of what the Lord will lead you into in the coming year.

Grace and peace,


4 thoughts on “I’m back…

  1. G’day Dave, it’s good to hear your voice again (metaphorically). It’s great to know that you have received such a warm welcome at Gateway. I’ve been doing some preaching at Redlands and will be helping supervise Etienne through his vicariate next year. It’s funny how the circles turn. It doesn’t seem that long ago you were supervising my vicariate. May God conitnue to bless you, your family and your ministry. Josh

  2. Hellooooo! hug hug hug! Happy Christmas – our thoughts and prayers are with you. So glad to hear you have lovely people looking after you! If you see that Krooney Dan over Christmas, just remind him that we still have his drum kit!!! We are saying bye to Mello now as she goes to Melbourne! Wow what a dream job for her! Don’t eat too much yummy food over Christmas!
    Love Schefe family.

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