The Ten Commandments – God’s Economics

This post from Mark Glanville has some very insightful understandings about the Ten Commandments and God’s intention for his people. Much of this material was covered in one of Mark’s talks at the recent CRCA Recharge conference in Collaroy, May 5-9. I hope this post is a blessing to you.


…for he has made you beautiful

Few Christians realize that the ten commandments stridently address some pressing problems of our generation: massive inequality of wealth, growing refugee populations, rampant consumerism and more. In their original context the ten commandments were a platform for justice, and they are a platform for justice today. For our generation, recovering the ten commandments will equip the church to live gratefully, generously and prophetically.

The ten commandments have been cherished in every ear of the church. John Calvin said that the ten commandments are ten point summary of God’s moral law. As an old man Martin Luther said: I recite the ten commandments daily, word for word, like a child. But for many of us today, the ten commandments can seem fairly irrelevant. We read: ‘You shall not murder’ and think: ‘I haven’t murdered!’ Or, ‘You shall not steal’ – ‘I haven’t stolen! And I haven’t committed adultery! It can seem like the…

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