Australian Refugee Policy for Dummies #1: Disingenuous Rhetoric

Mark Glanville has been following the Australian Refugee debate closely over recent years. Mark addresses the issue from a standpoint of familiarity with the policy, and more importantly, a deep knowledge of and respect for God’s word in Scripture.
Can I encourage you to subscribe to Mark’s blog to stay informed with a well informed Christian response to the issue of asylum seekers in Australia!
Grace and peace, Dave

…for he has made you beautiful

Over the next couple of weeks I will blog regularly on Australian refugee policy, in order to explain how it works, and to offer scrutiny in light of scripture. These blogs are prompted by the Rudd Government’s recent decision to remove all asylum seekers arriving on Australian shores by boat, to Papua New Guinea, and also to deny all of these people any chance of being settled in Australia.

In this first blog I address the disingenuous rhetoric surrounding this recent decision. (In future blogs I will explain and scrutinise the policy itself, yet untangling the rhetoric surrounding the decision is probably the most helpful place to start.)

I argue here that a number of the given motivations for the new policy announced on Friday, July 19th, are not genuine (then I will turn to scripture to conclude). Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has used fine humanitarian rhetoric: ‘The…

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